Know the Finestra

Finestra Mobile was founded on September 1st 1987 in Saudades, Extreme West of Santa Catarina. It strarted its activity manufacturing window, that is why the name of teh enterprise makes an allusion to the product that was developed in that time, but in Italian language.

Finestra is 20 yars old; it is enven stronger in the forniture market by its products beauty and quality. The enterprise is detached mainly by its social responsability related to environment preservation, because all products are ecologically right, prepared with raw material 100% Pines, it is a way to balance nature. Currently,

Finestra Móveis acts in internal market – mainly in teh states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná – and also in external market – exporting furniture to Germany, Cuba, Spain, United States, North Ireland, Republic Tcheca, England, italy, Panama, Uruguay and France.

Matriz Saudades

Centro de Distribuição

Vídeo Institucional Finestra


"Provide furniture according to our client's needs and expectations."

"Our main goal is to produce furniture for people that seeks quality, reliability and utility, satisfying the expectations of our clients in any country, reaching our share-holders expectations, clients, staff and the community as a whole."

"It's to be recognized as a world class company in the furniture industry, using advanced technology, with qualified staff, committed to a total quality control system and the client's satisfaction."

Development and personal satisfaction

Stimulate the development of our human resources, promoting his professional and personal growth, developing a continuous satisfaction of the team as a whole.

Respect to the client

Respect the client no matter its location, attending his needs, seeking excellence in the service, with high quality products and cost.

Respect to the environment

Dedicate continuous attention to the environment, looking after the preservation of the ecological balance and its relations with our economic activity

Constant efficacy philosophy

Reach the results desired, plan news actions and develop new potential products, acting in a integrated and competent way. 

Partnership with suppliers

Contribute also with the development of our suppliers, in a way that can guarantee the quality of his products and ours consequently.